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The original Haynes Repair Manual - Based on a complete stripdown and rebuild of a vehicle
BMW 318i Convertible (1994 - 1997) Change
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What's Covered
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Chapter 1: Tune-up and routine maintenance
Chapter 2 Part A: Four-cylinder engines
Chapter 2 Part B: Six-cylinder engines
Chapter 2 Part C: General engine overhaul procedures
Chapter 3: Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems
Chapter 4 Part A: Fuel and exhaust systems for four-cylinder engines
Chapter 4 Part B: Fuel and exhaust systems for six-cylinder engines
Chapter 5: Ignition system
Chapter 6: Emissions control systems
Chapter 7 Part A: Manual transmission
Chapter 7 Part B: Automatic transmission
Chapter 8: Clutch and driveline
Chapter 9: Brakes
Chapter 10: Suspension and steering
Chapter 11: Body
Chapter 12: Chassis electrical system

What's covered: 

BMW 3 Series 1992-1998
BMW Z3 E36, E37 1996-1998

Rear wheel drive
Series –

318i 1992-1998
318is 1992-1997
318i Convertible 1992-1997
318ti 1995-1998
323is/323i Convertible 1995-1998
325i/325is/325i Convertible 1992-1995
328i/328is/328i Convertible 1996-1998
Z3 Roadster 1996-1998
Chassis Type E36 & E37

Body – Sedan, convertible
Engine –

1.6L (M40, M43), 1.8L (M40, M42, M43), 1.9L (M44) 4-cylinder
2.5L (M50), 2.8L (M52) 6-cylinder

PLEASE NOTE that this manual is intended for vehicles built to US specifications. Although it is useful when the products or systems are similar to those in other markets, there may still be significant differences, especially in areas concerned with safety and emission control.

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