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Fakeaway Manual

Fakeaway Manual
Fakeaway Manual
Fakeaway Manual
Fakeaway Manual
Fakeaway Manual
Fakeaway Manual
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Creating your favourite takeaway dishes at home

Settling down with your favourite takeaway might be easier than ever, with online ordering and delivery to your door, but this is an expensive way to eat and it’s impossible to ensure top quality ingredients, or food at its crispy, piping-hot best. This book contains the global scope of our most popular take outs and street food, crossing the contemporary and the traditional with a collection of outstanding recipes that will withstand the fashions of food and time.

The book includes classic, familiar dishes as well as emerging contemporary street and festival dishes, and covers Indian, Asian, American, British and South American cuisines with fresh and authentic recipes. Author, Fergal Connolly, deconstructs intimidating methods and techniques to make everything entirely accessible, from deep frying chicken katsu to flaming marinated lamb for a spicy schwarma.

Author: Fergal Connolly is an Irish-born food stylist and writer who has been cooking for ‘dough’ since the age of 16. He has worked as a chef at hotels and restaurants around the world, including under the tutelage of Anton Edelmann at the Savoy Hotel in London, and now works as a food stylist for leading global brands and publications in the UK and overseas. He has a BSc (Hons) in food product design and lives in London with his wife, photographer Nicki, and their two children. This is Fergal’s third book.

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Fergal Connolly