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Firefighter Manual

Firefighter Manual
Firefighter Manual
Firefighter Manual
Firefighter Manual
Firefighter Manual
Firefighter Manual
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This fascinating Manual, written by an experienced firefighter, begins with a look at the history of firefighting, and provides details of entry requirements, training, personal equipment, fire and rescue vehicles, incident control and how the rescue services are coordinated, along with case studies of various incidents. The engaging text provides an overview of what it takes to become a firefighter, and how a firefighter works as part of an effective team to tackle various emergencies using specialist equipment.

The operation of a typical fire station is examined in detail, along with a look at the various fire appliances (vehicles) used. A timeline is provided for a typical emergency call, along with details of the various emergency incidents dealt with by firefighters, and case studies of major incidents. Completing the comprehensive coverage, the book provides details of what happens following an incident, in terms of fire investigation and firefighter welfare, plus a look at the future of firefighting.

Extensively illustrated with photographs and graphics, this Manual provides a fascinating insight into the modern fire service, for both those interested in pursuing a career in the service, and readers interested in learning more about the wide-ranging role of a fire fighter today.

Author: Duncan White has worked in the UK Fire Sector for over 33 years; spending 30 years as an operational fire officer specialising in fire and crowd safety at major events. As the UK Event Safety Lead for the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) he was responsible for developing and implementing strategy which enhanced and maintained public safety at events. During his operational career Duncan managed the event fire and crowd safety team for the Glastonbury Festival; the Olympic Torch Relay and Evening Celebrations for the London 2012 Olympics and led crews attending the Buncefield Oil Terminal Explosion in December 2005. He is currently Group Editor for MDM Publishing Ltd, responsible for the content of International Fire Protection; Asia Pacific Fire; International Firefighter; Gulf Fire and UK Fire magazines.

Author: Phil Martin worked in the UK Fire and Rescue Service for 34 years, and has wide-ranging experience, including a period as Chief Fire Officer for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service. Phil is a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers and has worked with US fire and rescue services. He is currently Editor for UK Fire magazine.                


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Duncan White & Phil Martin