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Rellim Timing Belts & Chains 4th Edition

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With today’s high-tech engines having such close tolerances, it is critical that correct procedures for valve timing, sprocket alignment and tensioning of belts and chains are carefully followed. Removal and installation of belts and chains is often a complex process, and major engine damage may result if the correct instructions are not followed. Researched and written by automotive technicians and covering a wide range of models, this book provides all the information required to quickly and confidently perform servicing work on timing belts and chains.

With clear diagrams showing alignment points, special tool requirements, tensioning procedures, replacement intervals for belts, tightening torques, and an indication of the likelihood of engine damage following belt or chain failure, no workshop can afford to be without one

New updated 4th Edition

Petrol and diesel engines
Mid 80’s to 2015
Clear, concise diagrams
Replacement procedures
Tensioning procedures
Replacement intervals
Tightening torques
Special tools required

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