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AJS Scooter Repair Manuals

Motorcycle and car manufacturer, A. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd (commonly referred to as AJS) was founded in 1909 and headquartered in England. The company held numerous world records and was sold in 1939 to Matchless, which continued to market products under the AJS brand. Today, AJS scooters are being built in China and are dedicated to providing outstanding value.

AJS manufactures various scooter models, including the Digita 50 (a 50 cc, four-stroke engine) and the Modena 125 (a 125 cc, four-stroke engine). These scooters are versatile, efficient and lightweight. AJS believes in providing scooters that are low in running costs and easy to drive through traffic. At Haynes we have a selection of AJS scooter repair manuals available. They contain all the technical information, detailed specifications and step-by-step instructions you need to do your own repairs and services on your AJS scooter.