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5 parts you should never 'cheap out' on...

Five parts you should never 'cheap out' on...

Look, running a car, any car, is an expensive hobby. We know that. That's why we're here, to give you as many guides and tips as possible to make car ownership not only easy on the wallet, but also enjoyable.

And while our many guides will help you save money, there is one thing that remains the same whether you do it or whether a garage does it – cheap parts are rubbish. Buy cheap, buy twice, as they say. So, with that in mind, here are five parts you should never, ever 'cheap out' on.

01 Brakes

01 Brakes

It pains us that this even needs to be on the list, but people really do cheap out on brakes. And that baffles us, frankly. The brakes are the thing that stop you from driving into a wall, or a garden centre, or your lounge. They're important.

So, with that in mind, never buy brakes on the basis that they're cheap, and never buy them from a dubious online source. There's a whole industry out there based around making counterfeit and sub-par parts.

Parts that aren't regulated, and as such, aren't tested. They may look right, but they seldom are. So always buy you discs, pads, lines and fluids from a reputable source.

02 Tyres

02 Tyres

The world of tyres is like the world of fashion. There are the fancy designer makes, and there are the brands that are less glamorous but still do the job. And in the world of tyres, all tyres that are sold new must meet certain standards, and as such, they're absolutely fine.

So, if the garage offers you a set of Fung Hung Rubbery Rounds, they'll be okay. And yes, they'll be cheap. But that's just savvy buying. What's daft is buying part-worn tyres from a backstreet garage.

You don't know how old they are. You don't know if they came off a car that was scrapped or a car that was cartwheeled down the M62. And you have no comeback should they fail. So, don't bother. 

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03 Oil

03 Oil

The engine is the heart of your car, so why would you immerse it in second rate sludge? The better the oil, the happier your engine will be, and that's always a good thing. So, don't just go out and buy the bottom shelf generic stuff.

Get your handbook out, read up and what nectar your engine wants and then treat it accordingly. The right oil means smooth running, it means better fuel economy and it means you can expect longer engine life. And who doesn't want all of those things?

04 Suspension

04 Suspension

Seen some lowering springs on eBay for a bargain price? Or how about a set of coilovers for a couple of hundred? They can't be all that bad, can they? Well yes, actually, they can.

There's a reason some suspension setups can cost well into four figures, and it's because quality is key.

Cheap stuff will corrode, it will seize, it will break. And it will probably make your car about as comfortable as a wooden pallet being pushed down a hill.

We're not saying you need to sell your firstborn to finance new suspension, we just advise saving up and getting a kit that's a bit more middle of the road than at the side of it.

05 Wheels

05 Wheels

This is probably the biggest one. The classifieds are rife with wheel and tyre combination deals for a few hundred quid. And they'll look great on your car for about ten minutes, until they start to corrode, or until you hit a pothole only to discover the wheels are in fact made of chocolate.

Cheap wheels are the glowing light to the young, modifying moth, and as such the market is swamped with them. Don't fall for their shine or their price though.

Save up a bit and buy a set of wheels from a name you recognise, and then you'll get to enjoy them for years, rather than days.