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The best car vids on YouTube

big car engines sunbeam

Looking for the best car videos on YouTube?

We love YouTube here at Haynes and all it offers car fans. In fact we've got our own channel that's chock-full of step-by-step videos that'll help you carry out popular maintenance jobs on various models. Check it out here and don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be informed when we upload new content.

Once you've done that, take a look at these videos from some of our favourite YouTube channels... and bookmark this page because we'll be updating it regularly with new content.


Cars and Engines

Old cars with extreme big engines cold start and sound 

There's something quite naughty about watching antique cars with ridiculously large engines running. It's one of life's guilty pleasures. So feast your eyes and ears on these eight behemoths booming into life. Each clip has a caption with some background info.


Jawa Tino

The Most Interesting Motorcycle Designs 

From the Megola's wheel-mounted rotary engine to the Velocette LE's water-cooled engine and the Salsbury Super-Scooter, this video features a variety of quirky bikes, most of which made it into the mainstream for a good few years. Can you pick a favourite? We can't!

The Late Brake Show

Austin Allegro V6 street sleeper project 

Here's another video from Jonny Smith's Late Brake Project Car's playlist, which Haynes is proud to sponsor.

Jonny started this project of taking a 1970s British Austin Allegro and making it perform, handle and stop like a modern-ish hatchback back in 2007. The 1977 Allegro was found minutes where he grew up in Somerset and is a rarer two-door model in Antique Gold. 

This is episode one of a mini-series. The Allegro's drivetrain has been taken from a 1993 Rover 827 Si donor car, which has a Honda-derived 2.7-litre 24v V6 and a manual 5-speed gearbox. The suspension is now adjustable coil overs and brakes are Golf GTi front discs, with 14-inch steel wheels from a VW Polo (to mimic the originals in form). These areas are yet to be completed, as is the wiring (stand-alone ECU), supercharger (Eaton M62 from a salvage Mercedes SLK Kompressor) and boot-mounted cooling system.