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Full timed shootout at the Goodwood FoS 2022, plus Car Throttle and Scott Manley

Goodwood House Festival of Speed 2021

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Once you've done that, take a look at these videos from some of our favourite YouTube channels... and bookmark this page because we'll be updating it with new content regularly.

Goodwood Road & Racing

Festival of Speed 2022 Full Timed Shootout

Did you catch any of the Festival of Speed 2022 live stream? This event, at Goodwood House in Hampshire, is petrolhead heaven for the thousands who visit over the long weekend each June. The pièce de résistance for 2022 was McMurty Automotive Speirling's incredible EV fan car, which broke the hill record. It made everything else look like it was running in slow motion as it blasted up to the finish line in 39.08 seconds.

Here's a video of the Sunday Shootout, where you can see all of the competitors in action, or fast forward to 39 minutes to see Max Chilton doing his thing in the McMurty.

Scott Manley

Deep Space Updates

As you probably know, when we don't have our head under a bonnet, we like to look skyward, spotting all things airborne during the day and out of this world at night.

Scott Manley is one of our go-to space experts, with regular updates on who's launching what rockets and what's going on in the solar system and beyond.

He's a brainy chap and his informed commentary means his videos are really popular. This one is a round-up of space news from the first half of June.

Car Throttle

More Things We Miss About Old Cars 

If you’re not familiar with Car Throttle, think The Grand Tour on YouTube but with presenters not on the verge of collecting their pensions. Same sense of humour, same ‘horse play’.

The difference here is that a lot Car Throttle’s content focuses on cheaper machinery, with a bit of modern stuff thrown in for good measure. Take the ‘I bought a Volvo for £1’ and ‘Can a 30-year-old E30 M3 keep up with a new G80 M3?’ as examples.

‘More things we miss about old cars’ is a gentle introduction to Car Throttle’s style – and we have to say we agree with much of what’s discussed in it. Do you?