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Ford Kuga Mk2 common problems

Ford Kuga problems

Haynes is here to help you save money at every stage of the car ownership experience. Using our extensive database, we can tell you what problems the Mk2 Ford Kuga you’re thinking about buying might have, and we can show you how to diagnose and solve them. And if you already own a Mk2 Kuga, Haynes can help you with the service, maintenance and repair of it using a Haynes Manual or Autofix before you incur the expense of a garage visit.

The Mk2 Kuga also has problems that include a cracking noise from the front wheels, faulty battery control units, and a cracked sump. This article will explain what these issues involve and how the DIY mechanic can repair these at home and save money with Haynes.

So we’re here to offer advice, data and help as you do it yourself with Haynes.

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What recalls has the Kuga Mk2 been subject to in Australia?

The Kuga Mk2 has been the subject of a number of recalls throughout its life, so if you’re buying one, you need to make sure all the relevant work has been carried out.

In August 2017, 8864 Kugas were recalled because: "In the event of an impact which deploys the front seat belt retractor pre-tensioner, there is a possibility that the insulation material on the inner face of the lower 'B' pillar trim could be subjected to a concentrated heat source that could ignite the insulation material."

In January 2018, Ford Kugas made from 2012-2014 with Ecoboost engines were recalled to deal with an engine coolant issue that could result in an oil leak and a possible fire.

Airbag issues forced another recall of 2016 Kugas in May 2018, while another engine overheating/oil leak issue resulted in a recall of 1076 Kugas in August 2018.

What common problems does the Mk2 Kuga have?

Some versions of the Mk2 Kuga have suffered issues with a creaking noise emanating from the front axle when the driver pulls away from rest. The cause of the fault is missing driveshaft spline sealant, and either driveshaft can be the cause. However, the procedure to replace the sealant is one that a DIY mechanic will be more than capable of completing without trouble.

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Does the Kuga have coolant leak problems?

Some examples of the Kuga with the 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine fitted have suffered a leak of coolant from a faulty coolant expansion tank. Providing the fault is noticed before engine damage occurs, a simple replacement of the coolant tank will solve the issue. This is an easy repair that involves draining of the cooling system, and replacement of the expansion tank before the system is refilled. The procedure is covered by the relevant Haynes Manual.

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See our free video below on how to check the fluid levels on a Kuga.

Does the Kuga Mk2 have keyless locking problems?

Some versions of the Kuga 2013-2020 that are fitted with a keyless entry system have been known to suffer failure of the system. This is because water can get into the handle, causing the door lock sensor to fail. The solution is to remove the handle and clean it out, a task that is easily accomplished by following the relevant procedure in the Haynes Kuga 2013-2020 Manual or AutoFix.

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Does the Mk2 Kuga have remote key problems?

Some owners of the Mk2 Kuga have reported sudden failure of the remote ‘plipper’ key. The source of the issue is almost always a depleted battery in the key, and it’s easy to swap. The procedure is covered by the relevant Haynes Manual.

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