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Get an insight into the US’s ocean-going military might with our latest manual

US Super Carrier Operations Manual

Haynes' latest Practical Lifestyle manual, US Super Carrier Operations Manual, is must-read for anyone interested in the United States' marine-based defensive and offensive capabilities.

The US Navy’s fleet of aircraft carriers are at the heart of global American military force. With nuclear-powered oceanic range, complements of nearly 5,000 crew, and typically carrying more than 70 combat aircraft, US carriers can remain on station for months, delivering aerial combat strikes on distant targets around the clock.

The Haynes Super Carrier Manual offers unrivalled insights into understanding how a modern US super carrier is operated. The US Navy has given Haynes author Chris McNab and photographer Patrick Bunce official clearance to spend time at sea on one of its ‘Nimitz’ or ‘Gerald R. Ford’ class super carriers.

Chris has conducted interviews with key personnel of all major departments, including flight-deck crew, aviators, ordnance officers, engineers, logisticians, operations crew and the captain; while Patrick has captured life above and below decks, with a special focus on the engineering side of carrier aviation often not covered in other publications.

Dr Chris McNab is an author and editor specialising in military history and military technology. He has published more than 40 books, including several for Haynes. He lives and works in South Wales.

Patrick Bunce is a US-based photographer who has contributed to a wide range of military book and magazine publications.

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