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Haynes Christmas Gift Guide

Haynes Manuals: Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

Looking for the best Christmas books for kids, teens and adults is a hard enough job in a normal year, but 2020 has thrown a few spanners in the works. Don't panic! Haynes has your back. Our manuals make ideal gifts for all the members of your family, and we have hundreds to choose from - all from the comfort and safety of your home.

To help you out, we’ve cherry-picked a small selection of books that will make the perfect Christmas presents for the young and old.

You’ll find free-to-download extracts of many of the manuals shown below here.

Off-Road Driving Manual Haynes

Off-Road Driving Manual

You don't have to travel far in this great country of ours to experience some amazing landscapes, but reaching much of it requires getting behind the wheel of something with all-wheel drive.

This extensively illustrated step-by-step Manual, written by two renowned experts, is aimed at all drivers wanting to learn to drive safely and successfully off-road, whether for the occasional trip across a field or to prepare for an off-road expedition into the Outback.

The down-to-earth text, supported by numerous graphics and illustrations, will appeal equally to those with no previous off-road driving experience as well as those wishing to develop existing skills to a higher level.

Alien Invasion Survival Manual Haynes

Alien Invasion Survival Manual

We wouldn't blame you for thinking that aliens have been among us for quite a while, what with social media being chock-full with tin foil hat-wearing loons and Covid-19 having been sent to earth by those little green men living under the ice on Enceladus. Allegedly.

But don't panic! The Alien Invasion Manual has been designed to provide you with the very latest scientific insight and intelligence available on aliens and their plans to take over our gleaming blue planet. In true Haynes style, it aims to demonstrate how with the right knowledge, training and a substantial reel of aluminium foil, the concerned citizen can really hit ET where it hurts.

You can protect your home and family from mind-bending abductions, you can ensure that you remain free of any sinister implants and you can determine which shape-shifting lizards are working to take over society.

Accompanied by illustrations, maps, diagrams and step-by-step instructions, this resistance Manual will be essential reading for those interested in protecting the planet from alien invaders.

RRP: $43.95 - get it here

Haynes Explains Babies

Haynes Explains Babies

Ah, carpet grubs. The idea of having babies seemed great at the time, didn't it? Now look at you, ankle-deep in nappies and vomit while the little darling chucks a wobbly for the tenth time today.

Never fear. Haynes Explains Babies is here to make the next 18 years fly by! A light-hearted and entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, it contains everything you’d expect to see including exploded views, flow charts, fault diagnosis and the odd wiring diagram. It takes the reader through all stages of baby ownership, giving them all the hints and tips needed to keep them running smoothly.

RRP: $15.95 - get it here

John Haynes biography

John Haynes - The Man Behind The Manuals

This fascinating and inspiring biography of John H Haynes – the man behind Haynes Manuals – looks ‘under the bonnet’ at his extraordinary life, and his legacy to the motoring world. This is the story of how one man’s vision and enthusiasm gave a small enterprise in rural Somerset a global footprint.

What makes John’s story especially compelling is that the idea for his car Owners’ Workshop Manuals didn’t emerge fully formed. It wasn’t a product of business school, or consumer focus groups.

Just as the roots of Steve Jobs’s Apple Mac can be traced to his personal urge to build the most perfect personal computer he could imagine, Haynes’ journey began when, as a teenaged schoolboy, he was dead set on figuring out how to turn the remains of an old Austin he’d found in a scrap yard into a fully working sports car.

An absorbing read for anyone with a passing interest in cars. RRP: $41.95 - get it here

Predators Pocket Manual Haynes

Predators Pocket Manual

This handy pocket-sized manual is packed full of 45 fearsome predators, from the American Alligator to the Venus Flytrap, and includes a few home-grown beauts, too!

With information on the animals’ names, distribution, habitats, size and life span there is also in depth detail on behaviour, hunting tactics and prey.

Large or small, snarling or silent, and all illustrated with stunning photographs, this is a fascinating collection of the world’s most deadly and successful hunters.

RRP: $9.96 - get it here

Car Hacks

Car Hacks

This brilliant little book is a perfect introduction to the world of life hacks for cars. Its varied selection of 126 hacks, tips and tutorials will help everyone improve life in their car, inside and out.

Not only does Car Hacks pack in some great money-saving ideas (rubber band phone holder, anyone?), but carrying out these DIY improvements brings a real sense of satisfaction.

Car Hacks includes hacks for both car interiors and exteriors, smart tricks for working in the garage, storage solutions and modernising hacks. There’s also a host of suggestions for using inexpensive household items to clean your car – such as using toothpaste to make your headlights minty fresh.

RRP: $29.95 - get it here (and here's a FREE preview to download)

Haynes Explains Pensioners

Haynes Explains Pensioners

We’ve got Haynes Explains books to ease everyone through some of the key stages of life: getting married, having a baby, trying to negotiate with teenagers… and to top it all off, retirement.

True to form, the hilarious Haynes Explains Pensioners approaches the subject of retirement like a workshop manual, and it covers all types of OAP – from Newly-Freed Wage Slave and Avid Golfer to Gnarled Cyclist and Competitive Bowler.

Author Boris Starling offers all the advice you need to keep a classic or vintage model running smoothly, no matter how many miles on the clock.

RRP: $15.95 - get it here

Bluffer’s Guide to Christmas

Bluffer’s Guide to Christmas

Bluffer’s Guide books are pocket-sized bursts of instant wit and wisdom that allow you to pass as an expert in a whole range of useful subjects – from cars and cats to fitness and Formula One. But our top choice for the festive season has to be the Bluffer’s Guide to Christmas.

Whether you wish it could be Christmas every day or you’d really rather leave it at last Christmas, this book is the perfect way to bring some ho-ho-ho to the festive season.

It’s stuffed with solid fact too, allowing the recipient to pronounce confidently on everything from the paradox of the virgin birth to naming (and shaming) which UK country didn’t recognise Christmas Day as a public holiday until 1958.

RRP: $15.95 - get it here