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Haynes highlights: the best car videos on YouTube

YouTube Haynes

Looking for the best car videos on YouTube?

We love YouTube and all it offers car fans here at Haynes. In fact we've got our own channel that's chock-full of step-by-step videos that'll help you carry out popular maintenance jobs on various models. Check it out here and don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be informed when we upload new content.

Once you've done that, take a look at these videos from some of our favourite YouTube channels... and bookmark this page because we'll be updating it regularly with new content.


HillClimb Monsters

Citroen 2CV with BMW R1100GS Engine

Who doesn't love watching something being ragged up a hill? This channel has dozens of videos of sublime machinery climbing hills at events all over the world; this 2CV at Shelsley Walsh in the UK definitely falls into the quirky category.

It actually sounds a bit 2CV-ish off the line (it even has the same dash gearlever!) but that bike engine gives it some serious shove.

For those of you with slightly more standard 2CVs, here's the manual

Allen Millyard

Honda XL175 engine repair - In the Shed

"Allen is the Bob Ross of the bike world", says one of the comments on this video. We agree.  He's a thoroughly knowledgable bloke who makes bike repair and mods look like child's play. It's not, of course - it's just that he's very good at explaining what he's doing.

Find the Honda XL175 Clymer Manual here

Once you've watched this vid (think of it as an introduction to Allen's skillset), we heartedly recommend watching this one of his Millyard Viper V10 motorcycle. As the name suggests, it's utterly bonkers!

John Reynolds

The Supersleeper Project

Purists look away now. The rest of you, feast your eyes on John's Subaru-powered VW Beetle.

He says: "I chose a 1973 Super Beetle for this project for a few reasons. First, the flat windshield standard Beetle is way more popular and has been restored, modified, slammed or patinaed probably thousands of times.  It seems the Super is the car nobody wants. The '73 is the first bug to come with, IMO, the sexy curved front windshield.  The '74s and later had (again, IMO) the less desirable bulbous 5mph bumpers. The Super's wider trunk is a better fit for a wider radiator.  The US Supers had built-in louvres for optional A/C which works very well to get airflow to the radiator.  Strut front suspension just works better and gives a better ride quality."

Make no mistake, this is serious engineering, beautifully executed.

See our original Beetle manuals here