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Haynes puts Men’s Health in the spotlight

mens health week

Men's mental health has been a hot topic in recent years. Us guys aren't renowned for talking about what's going on between our ears because, well, historically, it's not the done thing, is it? Fortunately, times are changing and governments, health bodies and - crucially - families and friends are more aware of men's wellbeing than ever before.

What's going on in your noggin is just one aspect, though. What about things like exercise, eating, health warning signs and what goes on between the sheets? That's where Haynes' latest Practical Lifestyle title, Men's Health, comes into play. It's a manual for all men who are interested in their health - and for all men who are not.

Highlights include:

  • How to look after your head, your heart, your body and your tackle
  • How to be more active, eat well and add healthy years to your life
  • How to recognise a problem and when you need to see someone

Author Jim Pollard is a freelance editor, writer and journalist with a particular interest in men's health and diversity issues. His work has appeared in a wide range of media including newspapers (both tabloids and broadsheets), magazines and online. He is author of two acclaimed books on men's health The User's Guide to the Male Body and All Right Mate, an easy intro to men's health as well as a number of other books on health. He is the editor of the Men's Health Forum's website and publications for men.