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Me and my car – Monaro

Vauxhall Monaro

An occasional series on what we're getting up to with our own vehicles at Haynes. This time, Haynes Car Manual author, Euan Doig in the UK…

“I've owned my Vauxhall Monaro (you'll know it as a Holden, of course) for around 18 months and love its V8 burble. It's required a fair bit of fettling in the time that I've had it. I’d recently noticed that the bonnet wasn't supporting itself, so over the Easter weekend I replaced the bonnet struts (barely a 10-minute job).

I also cleaned and polished the bodywork. Sadly, I had to pay particular attention to some light scratches that someone had inflicted on it. Fortunately, a bit of elbow grease did the trick.

There's a Haynes manual for the Holden Commodore, which is the four-door saloon version of the Monaro. Get it here.

Haynes Bike Repair Guide

I’m writing this during the Coronavirus lockdown, when much of the world's population has been ordered to stay indoors, to help take the pressure off medical services. So I've been working from home and have had plenty of extra time on my hands – time to give my bikes some much-needed attention.

I've been using the Haynes Bike Repair Guide (search the Apple App Store and Google Play for it), which reminded me that the chain, brakes, hub and seat needed some attention.

Hopefully we'll all be allowed out again soon and I'll be able to give the bikes a proper run.