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Play your cards right with the new Bluffer’s Guide to Bridge

how to start playing bridge

Bridge. It's that card game your grandparents played when you were a kid, but it sounded far too complicated. And anyway, you were busy enjoying snap, solitaire and beggar my neighbour.

But now you're a little wiser and older, you're wondering if playing bridge really is that difficult. Gran lived to a ripe old age, so maybe playing bridge is good for your brain?

Bridge is a card game for four players seated round a table, ideally green baize, essentially with no mirrors in anyone's sightline. At the highest level, players have prodigious memories and minds like steel traps.

But there's much more to the game than that – as The Bluffer’s Guide to Bridge, written by Minty Clinch, will prove. In fact, you could call it a big deal! Andrew Robson OBE, Britain's No1 bridge player and bridge columnist of The Times, certainly thinks so. He said: "Bluff is at the heart of bridge and Minty has captured it beautifully in this gem."

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