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Battery check Audi A8 2003 - 2010 Diesel 4.2

OnDemand step-by-step maintenance & repair BETA

Audi A8 2003 - 2010  | 4.2 Battery check

  • time 5 minutes
  • difficulty 1
Locate the battery. It is in the boot
Check the Negative (-) terminal clamp is tight. Replace the protective cover
Firstly, check the Positive (+) terminal clamp is tight. If using a spanner to tighten terminal, be careful not to short the spanner on the bodywork
Check battery is generally secure, if loose, tighten the battery retainer
Remove this protective panel to check the Negative terminal
To tighten, a 13mm socket is needed. Not too tight as you may damage the battery casing. Replace the air duct
You will need to remove this panel to inspect the battery
Now carefully remove the panel. You should now be able to access the battery