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Air filter change BMW 3-Series 1998 - 2006 Petrol 318i - 1.9

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BMW 3-Series 1998 - 2006  | 318i - 1.9 Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 1

M43TU 4-cylinder engine

1 The air cleaner assembly is located at the front left-hand corner of the engine compartment.
2 Release the four securing clips, and lift off the air cleaner cover (see illustration) .
Release the four air filter cover retaining clips
3 Lift out the filter element (see illustration) .
5.3 Note the rubber seal is at the top of the filter
4 Wipe out the air cleaner housing and the cover.
5 Lay the new filter element in position, then refit the cover and secure with the clips.

N42 and N46 4-cylinder engines

6 Open the bonnet. Prise up the centre pin, and remove the expanding rivets, securing the air inlet cowling at the front of the engine compartment. Pull the cowling from the air filter housing and washer reservoir, and manoeuvre it from the engine compartment.
7 Undo the two bolts, lift up the front edge of the engine acoustic cover, and remove it (see illustration) .
Undo the two acoustic cover bolts (arrowed)
8 Disconnect the vacuum hose from the air inlet hose (N42 engine only), slacken the hose clamp, undo the two mounting bolts, and lift the air filter housing up approximately 5 cm (see illustration) . Disconnect the wiring plug and remove the housing from the engine compartment.
Disconnect the vacuum hose from the inlet hose (arrowed) – N42 engines only
9 Slacken the clamp, prise off the retaining clip, and disconnect the inlet hose and resonance chamber from the mass air flow sensor.
10 Turn the air filter housing over, unscrew the bolts and remove the cover (see illustration) .
Undo the bolts and remove the cover
11 Undo the two retaining nuts and remove the mass air flow sensor from the air filter housing (see illustration) .
Undo the nuts and remove the mass air flow sensor
12 Slide the air filter element from the housing.
13 Clean the air filter housing, removing all debris.
14 Slide the new filter element into place, ensuring the locating lugs engage correctly with the housing (see illustration) .
Ensure the locating lugs engage correctly
15 The remainder of refitting is a reversal of removal.
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