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Checking brake fluid BMW 5-Series 1996 - 2003 Diesel 530d - 3.0

OnDemand step-by-step maintenance & repair BETA

BMW 5-Series 1996 - 2003  | 530d - 3.0 Checking brake fluid

  • time 20 minutes
  • difficulty 4
Locate the retaining clip holding the pollen filter housing in position
Carefully remove the pin and keep it somewhere safe!
Release the pollen filter housing from the air duct
Now you can remove the pollen filter housing
The brake fluid reservoir is located underneath the pollen filter on this model
Release clip to open the pollen filter cover
Now remove the pollen filter cover
Remove pollen filter and check the general condition
Place pollen filter housing to one side
Now you can locate the brake fluid reservoir
Look for the MAX-MIN positions on the side of the translucent body
If the level needs topping up - WEARING GLOVES - carefully open the cap. Have a paper towel ready to catch any drips as brake fluid is corrosive. When finished, replace cap securely
Replace pollen filter housing