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Oil filter change Chrysler PT-Cruiser 2000 - 2009 Diesel 2.2D CRD

OnDemand step-by-step maintenance & repair BETA

2000 - 2009  | 2.2D CRD Oil filter change

  • time 20 minutes
  • difficulty 4
Undo two retaining fixings on the sump access cover - use a Phillips screwdriver
Open the access panel
Here is the oil filter cartridge
Fit a 76/14F filter wrench socket securely onto the oil filter housing. ALWAYS use the correct tool for this job. Any other tool will damage the oil filter housing
Loosen the oil filter housing by unscrewing anti clockwise. Remove by hand. Old oil will be released, so have a tray handy
You are now ready to refill the engine with fresh oil. Unscrew the oil filler cap and add a funnel
Always using a funnel, pour half in first, wait a minute for the oil to go to the sump. Now add smaller amounts, and keep checking dipstick level fill to the upper mark on the dipstick. DO NOT OVERFILL
Keep checking the dipstick level, the final level should read just below the MAX position on the dipstick
The MAX - MIN dipstick positions
Always replace the dipstick and oil filler cap. Now start the engine and idle for a minute or so. Switch off and check for any leaks, finally check oil level again on the dipstick
Remove the old filter and clean area with paper towel. Replace the filter. Fit any sealing rings supplied with the replacement filter