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Air filter change Ford Fiesta 2002 - 2008 Petrol 1.6

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Ford Fiesta 2002 - 2008  | 1.6 Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 2
1 The air cleaner is located on top of the engine.

Duratec 8V (1.3 litre) engine

2 Remove the two screws from the front section of the air cleaner housing, and lift the rear edge to release the small cover from the front clips (see illustration) .
Remove the two screws at the front of the air cleaner

Duratec 16V engine

3 Disconnect the clip near the oil filler cap securing the throttle body air inlet duct to the air cleaner, and also pull out the crankcase breather hose (see illustrations) . Note that the clips used on the large-diameter hoses are often difficult to refit successfully – have some large Jubilee clips on hand to use when refitting.
Release the hose clip near the oil filler cap...
...and take off the throttle body air inlet duct
With the duct removed, also pull off the crankcase breather hose
4 Twist the front panel air inlet duct off the side of the air cleaner to release it (see illustration) .
Twist the front panel air duct to the rear to disconnect it from the air cleaner
5 Remove the two bolts securing the air cleaner to the cylinder head cover, then lift the unit upwards to detach the two mounting pegs at the rear (see illustrations) .
Remove the 2 front mounting bolts...
...then lift the air cleaner to detach the rear pegs
6 Turn the housing over, and remove ten Torx screws to release the air cleaner cover (see illustrations) .
Remove the ten Torx screws in the underside of the air cleaner . . .
. . . and remove the cover for access to the filter

All engines

7 Remove the filter element, noting which way round it is fitted (see illustrations) .
Removing the filter - 1.3 litre engine
Removing the Duratec 16V engine air filter
8 Wipe clean the interior surfaces of the cover and base.
9 Insert the new element, making sure that it is seated correctly in the base.
10 Check the condition of the crankcase breather filter. On Duratec 8V (1.3 litre) engines, this is fitted under a separate cover flap on the side of the main housing; Duratec 16V engines have the filter inside the main air filter housing (see illustrations) . If the foam filter appears to be particularly dirty, it may be possible to clean it by washing it – if not, or if the filter has otherwise deteriorated, a new filter should be fitted.
Lift up the cover to the side of the air cleaner . . .
. . . to remove the breather filter on the 1.3 litre engine
On the Duratec 16V engine, the breather filter is next to the air filter
11 Refit the cover and secure with the retaining clips and bolts/screws.
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