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Battery check Ford Focus 2011 - 2014 Petrol 1.6 EcoBoost

OnDemand step-by-step maintenance & repair BETA

Ford Focus 2011 - 2014  | 1.6 EcoBoost Battery check

  • time 5 minutes
  • difficulty 1
Locate the battery
Open the battery cover
Check the Negative (-) terminal clamp is tight
Check the Positive (+) terminal clamp is tight. CAUTION If using a spanner to tighten the terminal, be careful not to short the spanner on the bodywork
Check the battery is generally secure, and if loose, tighten the battery retainer
To tighten, a 10mm socket is needed. Not too tight as you may damage the battery casing
Replace the battery cover. If you have to replace the battery or alternator, click below
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Battery removal & replacement

Caution: Wait at least 5 minutes after turning off the ignition switch before disconnecting the battery. This is to allow sufficient time for the various control modules to store information.
Note: Ensure you have the audio unit security code. This code will need to be inputted after reconnecting the battery – refer to the owner’s handbook supplied with the vehicle.


1 Open the bonnet and lower the drivers side window. Remove the key (or keyless fob) from the vehicle.
2 Wait at least 5 minutes and then disconnect the battery at the negative (earth) terminal provided on the left-hand suspension tower (see illustration) .
Disconnect the battery at the main earth (negative) terminal
3 Reconnect the battery when all work is complete. Enter the vehicle and turn the ignition on. Wait for a minute or so before starting the car. The short waiting time will allow all the modules in the vehicle time to ‘boot ‘ up and stabilise. Note that it may take several drive cycles for the engine management system to fully re-learn the optimum operating strategy. Where one touch power windows are fitted initialise them as described in paragraph 16.


4 Disconnect the battery as described above.
5 The battery is located on the left-hand side of the engine compartment. Begin by removing the air cleaner assembly as follows:
6 Slacken the clips at both ends, remove the air pipe, then disconnect the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) wiring plug and remove the cable clip (see illustrations) .
Slacken the hose clips at each end, remove the air pipe ...
... and disconnect the wiring plug from the MAF sensor
7 Unhook the rubber retaining ring (see illustration) .
Unhook the rubber ring
8 Pull the air cleaner upwards to remove it (see illustration) . The pegs on the base of the cleaner fit into rubber grommets. These pegs may prove troublesome to release, and some effort may be needed – take care to avoid personal injury.
Remove the air cleaner assembly
9 Release the clip and remove the battery cover (see illustration) .
Release the clip and remove the battery cover
10 Slacken the clamp nut and disconnect the battery positive lead terminal.
11 Using a screwdriver release the clips securing the cables to the battery box, then unclip and remove the front wall of the battery box (see illustration) .
Unbolt and unclip the battery box front cover
12 Unscrew the nuts and remove the battery retaining clamp (see illustration) .
Undo the battery clamp nuts
13 Pull the battery forward slightly and disconnect the battery monitor module cable. Remove the battery complete with the earth lead (see illustration) . Take care as the battery is a heavy item.
Remove the battery
14 With the battery removed the battery tray can be removed. Unclip the wiring loom from the side of the battery (where fitted) and then remove the mounting bolts. Lift out the battery tray (see illustrations) .
Remove the bolts …
…and lift out the battery tray


15 Position the battery in the battery box.
16 Refit the retaining clamp and tighten the retaining nuts securely.
17 Reconnect the battery positive lead and then the battery cover. Refit the negative (earth) lead.
18 After reconnecting the battery, the engine may run erratically until it’s been driven for a few minutes to allow the PCM to relearn. Also the electric windows may need to be re-initialised as follows:
  1. Press and hold the window control close button until the window is fully closed.
  2. Release the button, then press it again for 3 seconds.
  3. Briefly press the open button to the second detent, then release it. The window should open automatically.
  4. Briefly press the close button to the second detent, then release it. If the window does not close automatically, repeat the complete procedure.
  5. Repeat this procedure on each window.
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Alternator replacement


1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.
5 Remove the auxiliary drivebelt.
2 Undo the bolt and move the power steering reservoir to one side where fitted.
3 Jack up and support the front of the vehicle.
4 Remove the engine undershield and the wing liner.

1.0 litre engines

6 Remove the protective cap from the rear of the alternator and then unbolt the main output cable (see illustration) . Unplug the control cable.
Remove the protective cap
7 Unbolt and then remove the auxiliary belt tensioner.
8 Remove the upper and lower mounting bolts and then lower the alternator from the vehicle (see illustrations) .
Remove the bolts …
… and lower the alternator from the vehicle

1.6 litre engines

9 Undo and remove the alternator upper mounting nut and bolt (see illustration) .
Alternator upper mounting on the 1.6 Ti-VCT engine
10 Undo the alternator lower retaining bolt (see illustration) .
Alternator lower mounting bolt
11 Unclip the alternator wiring harness, then disconnect the power steering pressure switch, and the plug from the rear of the alternator.
12 Prise off the plastic cap, then undo the nut and disconnect the remaining cable from the rear of the alternator.
13 Unscrew the alternator upper mounting stud. This can be done using two nuts locked together on the stud’s threads, or pull the alternator forwards a little and use a pair of self-grip pliers to unscrew the stud. Support the alternator as the stud is removed, then lift the alternator from place (see illustration) .
Remove the alternator (1.6 EcoBoost engine shown)

1.6 litre diesel engines

14 Slacken the clamps and remove the intercooler supply and return hoses (see illustration) .
Remove the intercooler hoses
15 Disconnect the wiring plug from the alternator, then prise up the rubber cap, undo the nut and disconnect the battery cable from the alternator (see illustration) .
Prise out the protective cap
16 Unbolt and remove the auxiliary belt tensioner.
17 Remove the alternator upper rear and front retaining bolts.
18 Remove the lower retaining bolt (see illustration) and lower the alternator from position.
The lower mounting bolt


19 Refitting is a reversal of removal. Remembering to tighten the alternator mounting bolts to the specified torque.
Alternator mounting bolts: Nm Ibf ft
  1.0 litre engines 48 35
  1.6 litre petrol engines 45 33
  1.6 litre diesel engines:
    Upper front and lower bolts 45 33
    Upper rear bolt 39 29
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