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Alternator replacement Ford Mondeo 2000 - 2007 Petrol 1.8

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Ford Mondeo 2000 - 2007  | 1.8 Alternator replacement

  • time 1.5 to 4 hours
  • difficulty 3
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1 On 3.0 litre V6 ST engines, carry out the following:
  1. Detach the top of the front anti-roll bar drop link from the right-hand suspension strut (use a 5 mm Allen key to stop the balljoint turning as the nut is undone).
  2. Remove the rear through-bolt from the engine rear roll restrictor – this will allow the engine to pivot forwards, creating more room at the rear. Securely wedge the engine forwards temporarily using a piece of wood, but make sure that no pipes or hoses are being strained.
  3. Remove the rear catalytic converter heat shield nut and two bolts. Slide the heat shield towards the transmission end of the engine, then down.

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