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Oil filter change Honda Civic 2006 - 2012 Petrol 1.4 i-VTEC

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Honda Civic 2006 - 2012  | 1.4 i-VTEC Oil filter change

  • time 20 minutes
  • difficulty 4
You need to remove the undertray
Remove all undertray fixings using a 10mm socket
General location
The oil filter is located here
TIP! If you don't have an oil filter wrench, try using some sandpaper to grip the old oil filter. This only works where you can get a good grip of the filter, and is not always possible on European cars
Using an oil filter wrench, unscrew the filter anti-clockwise and remove the old oil filter. Catch any waste oil with a tray. Now clean the area with a paper towel
Before fitting the new filter, smear the sealing ring of the oil filter with a thin film of fresh oil, which makes it easier to remove next time. Now clean the filter area on the engine with paper towel and screw on the new filter until it touches, then tighten
You are now ready to refill the engine with fresh oil. Open the oil filler cap and use a funnel to avoid spillage
Pour half the new oil in first, and wait a minute for the oil to go to the sump. Now start adding smaller amounts, and keep checking the dipstick level. Fill to the upper mark on the dipstick. DO NOT OVERFILL
Keep checking the dipstick level. It should be just below the MAX level on the dipstick
MAX-MIN dipstick positions
Don't forget to replace the dipstick and oil filler cap securely. Run the engine, let it idle for a few minutes, and switch off. Check for any oil leaks. Finally, re-check oil level on dipstick