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Battery check Mazda MX-5 1989 - 2005 Petrol 1.6

OnDemand step-by-step maintenance & repair BETA

Mazda MX-5 1989 - 2005  | 1.6 Battery check

  • time 5 minutes
  • difficulty 1
Locate the battery - it is in the boot
Check the Negative (-) terminal clamp is tight
Open the 'Positive' (+) protective cover
Check the Positive (+) terminal clamp is tight. CAUTION – if using a spanner to tighten terminal, be careful not to short it on the bodywork
Check battery is generally secure. If loose, tighten the battery retainer
To tighten, a 13mm socket or spanner is needed. Not too tight because you may damage the battery casing. If you have to replace the battery or alternator, click below
- Close + Open

Battery removal & replacement

Note: When the battery is disconnected, any fault codes stored in the engine management ECM memory will be erased. If any faults are suspected, do not disconnect the battery until the fault codes have been read by a Mazda dealer or specialist. If the vehicle is fitted with a code-protected audio unit, refer to the Owners handbook before disconnecting the battery.


1 The battery is located in the luggage compartment.
2 Remove the battery cover (where fitted) (see illustration) .
Fold back the carpet and lift out the battery cover
3 Slacken the nut and disconnect the battery negative lead (see illustrations) .
Disconnect the battery negative lead (arrowed) – early models …
… and later models
4 Upon reconnection, ensure the battery terminal and lead clamp are clean, then reconnect the negative lead and tighten the retaining nut securely.


5 Disconnect the battery negative lead as described previously.
6 Prise up the plastic cover and slacken the nut securing the positive lead to the battery (see illustration) .
Lift the plastic cover and slacken the positive clamp nut
7 Undo the nut or bolt (as applicable) and remove the battery hold-down clamp (see illustrations) .
Battery hold-down clamp nut (arrowed)
Battery hold-down clamp bolt (arrowed)
8 Disconnect the vent hose(s) and lift the battery from place. Take care as the battery is heavy!


9 Refitting is a reversal of removal. Always reconnect the positive lead first, and the negative lead last. Tighten the clamp bolts securely.
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Alternator replacement


1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.
2 Remove the alternator drivebelt.
3 Slacken the clamps, undo the bolt and remove the intake air duct (see illustrations) .
Slacken the air duct clamps, and disconnect the breather hose
Some models have an air hose at the right-hand end of the duct...
...and are also secured by a bolt
Resonance tube retaining bolt
4 On 1998-on models, undo the bolts and remove the intake manifold support bracket (see illustration) .
Undo the bolts (arrowed) and remove the manifold support bracket – engine removed for clarity
5 Disconnect the wiring connections from the rear of the alternator (see illustration) .
Release the clip, prise up the cap, and disconnect the wiring from the alternator (arrowed)
6 Undo the alternator mounting bolts and manoeuvre it from position (see illustrations) . On early models, the lower mounting bolt is removed from the front of the alternator, whilst on later models, the bolt is removed from the rear – necessitating the manifold bracket removal.
Alternator mounting bolts (arrowed)


7 Refitting is a reversal of removal, tightening all fasteners to the specified torque where given.
  Upper mounting bolt 22 Nm (16 Ibf ft)
  Lower mounting bolt 45 Nm (33 Ibf ft)
Intake manifold support bracket bolts 50 Nm (37 Ibf ft)
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