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Air filter change Mini Mini 2006 - 2013 Diesel 1.6 D

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Mini Mini 2006 - 2013  | 1.6 D Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 1
1 On W16 diesel engines, pull up the engine cover, lift the clip and disconnect the mass airflow sensor wiring plug, then release the clamp, disconnect the air pipe at the turbocharger, and release the breather pipe from the cylinder head cover.
2 Undo the air filter housing cover screws (see illustrations) .
Air filter cover screws (arrowed) – W16 engines
Air filter cover screws (arrowed) – N47 engines
3 Lift the cover up and remove the old filter.
4 Clean the air filter housing, removing all debris.
5 Install the new filter element, making sure it seats in the housing (see illustrations) .
Install the air filter with the seal uppermost – W16 engines
On N47 engines, the lug at the front of the filter (arrowed) aligns with a slot in the housing
6 The remainder of refitting is the reverse of removal.
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