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Air filter change Peugeot 307 2001 - 2008 Diesel 1.4 HDi

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Peugeot 307 2001 - 2008  | 1.4 HDi Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 1

1.4 litre engines

1 Remove the plastic cover from the top of the engine. The cover is retained by rubber grommets, and pulls upwards to release.
2 Undo the 3 screws at the front of the filter cover, then lift the cover and withdrawn the filter element. Note which way up the element was fitted (see illustrations) .
Undo the three air filter cover screws, lift off the cover . . .
. . . and remove the filter element
3 Position the new element in the filter housing and refit the filter cover. Note the 3 lugs at the rear of the cover which engage with the housing. Tighten the retaining screws securely.
4 Refit the plastic cover to the top of the engine.

1.6 litre engines

5 Remove the engine top cover.
6 Operate the wiper motor, then switch it off so that the wiper arm returns to the at-rest position. Stick tape to the screen alongside the wiper blades to ensure correct refitment. There is also an alignment mark provided on the windscreen (see illustration) .
Wiper blade alignment mark
7 Lift up the wiper arm spindle nut cover (where fitted) then slacken and remove the spindle nut (see illustration) .
Lift up the cover and undo the wiper spindle nut
8 Lift the blade off the glass, and pull the wiper arm off its spindle. If the arm is very tight, free it from the spindle using a suitable puller (see illustration) . Remove the remaining wiper arm in the same manner.
If the wiper arm is tight on the spindle, use a puller
9 Release the clips and remove the plastic scuttle trim panel. The trim is secured by a plastic expanding rivet at each end. Push the centre pins in a little, then prise out the complete rivets. Pull up the ends of the trim to release it from the windscreen clips, then pull the trim down and forward to release it from the centre of the windscreen. Undo the two screws securing the brake/clutch master cylinder reservoir and move it to one side. Release the sound insulation material from the plastic scuttle crossmember, then undo the two screws and remove the crossmember.
10 Remove the primary air inlet duct from the front of the engine compartment, then remove the turbocharger inlet duct, and the air cleaner inlet duct.
11 Remove the fuel priming pump and support from the top of the air cleaner.
12 Disconnect the wiring and remove the air mass meter.
13 Undo the 3 screws at the front of the air cleaner, then unhook and remove the cover.
14 Withdraw the filter element, noting which way up it is fitted.
15 Position the new element in the air cleaner housing and refit the cover, making sure the rear lugs engage properly. Tighten the retaining screws securely.
16 Refit the remaining parts using a reversal of the removal procedure.

2.0 litre engines

17 Undo the screws securing the top to the air filter housing body, lift the top up, disengage the lugs at the rear of the cover, and withdraw the filter element (see illustrations) .
Undo the air filter cover screws, lift off the cover . . .
. . . and remove the filter element
18 If required, slacken the clip and disconnect the intake duct from the filter housing top to give better access to the filter housing body.
19 Where applicable, release any wiring or coolant hoses from their retaining clips on the air filter housing top.
20 Wipe clean the housing body and top.
21 Place the new element in position in the housing body. Refit the filter housing top, securing it in position with its retaining screws.
22 Refit any wiring or coolant hoses (where applicable) to their locating clips in the air filter housing, then reconnect the intake duct and securely tighten its retaining clip.
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