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Air filter change Renault Clio 2001 - 2005 Petrol 1.2

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Renault Clio 2001 - 2005  | 1.2 Air filter change

  • time 5 to 45 minutes
  • difficulty 2


1 Push down the air cleaner cover retaining clip on top of the air cleaner casing, and simultaneously twist the cover towards the rear of the engine compartment (anti-clockwise looking from the right-hand side of the car). Remove the cover from the air cleaner element housing (see illustration) .
Removing the air cleaner cover – D7F engine
2 Withdraw the cylindrical-shaped element from the housing (see illustration) .
Removing the air cleaner element – D7F engine

D4F engine

3 Unclip the coolant hose from the air cleaner housing, then undo the two retaining bolts (see illustrations) .
Unclip the hose from the housing . . .
. . . undo the two retaining bolts (arrowed) . . .
4 Unclip the air cleaner cover and withdraw the filter from the housing, noting its fitted position (see illustration) .
. . . and withdraw the air filter – D4F engine

K4J and K4M engines

5 The air filter element is located at the left-hand rear of the engine. First unclip the air inlet duct from the air cleaner housing (see illustration) .
Unclip the air inlet duct . . .
6 Undo the screws and unclip the element housing from the main body (see illustrations) .
. . . undo the screws (arrowed) . . .
. . . unclip the housing . . .
7 Note how the element is fitted, then with-draw it from the housing (see illustration) .
. . . then withdraw the element from the housing – K4J and K4M engines


8 Clean the inside of the air cleaner body and cover, being careful not to get dirt into the inlet duct.
9 Fit the new element using a reversal of the removal procedure.
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