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Checking brake fluid Volkswagen Caddy 2004 - 2015 Diesel 1.9 TDi

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Volkswagen Caddy 2004 - 2015  | 1.9 TDi Checking brake fluid

  • time 5 minutes
  • difficulty 3
Locate the brake fluid reservoir. It is hidden behind an air duct (showing air duct removed)
Checking the brake fluid on this model is not straightforward. The brake fluid reservoir has an electronic level so this check does not need to be done weekly
If the level needs topping up - WEARING GLOVES - carefully release the clips on the air duct
Carefully unscrew (anti-clockwise) the top. Have a paper towel handy to catch any drips, as brake fluid is highly corrosive. Top up with the correct brake fluid as specified in the car's handbook. Replace cap securely
Now remove air duct to gain access to the brake fluid reservoir
Now replace the air duct