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Checking tyre pressures Volkswagen Transporter T5 2003 - 2014 Diesel 2.5 TDi

OnDemand step-by-step maintenance & repair BETA

Transporter T5
2003 - 2014  | 2.5 TDi Checking tyre pressures

  • time 5 minutes
  • difficulty 1
Look for a sticker showing your vehicle's tyre pressures, located in the driver's door aperture
You can use a pencil type gauge, it is often the cheapest to purchase and rarely goes wrong
Take a quick look at the tyre treads and sidewall condition. If you need to change a wheel, click below
- Close + Open

Roadside wheel change

Warning: Do not change a wheel in a situation where you risk being hit by other traffic. On busy roads, try to stop in a lay-by or a gateway. Be wary of passing traffic while changing the wheel – it is easy to become distracted by the job in hand.
Note: The following information is mainly applicable to Van models. Some differences in component location will be found on Chassis cab variants, and certain later models.
The jack, wheelbrace and vehicle tools are located in a stowage compartment at the rear left of the luggage compartment. On some models it may be necessary to take off a removable stowage compartment cover for access.
Unscrew the centre fastener and take out the tool kit and the jack.
The spare wheel is mounted under the rear of the vehicle. Using the wheelbrace, slacken the folding bracket safety bolt until it turns freely.
Undo the folding bracket retaining bolt and allow the bracket to rest on the safety bolt.
Insert the flat end of the wheelbrace into the guide on the folding bracket, up to the stop. Grasp the wheelbrace firmly, lift it slightly and move it to the right until the elongated hole slips over the safety bolt.
Lower the folding bracket to the ground, then lift the spare wheel out of the folding bracket.
Where applicable, prise off the wheel bolt covers or wheel trim, using the flat end of the wheelbrace, or the removal tool in the tool kit. Slacken each wheel bolt by half a turn.
Position the jack under the jacking point nearest the punctured wheel. The jacking points are indicated by depressions in the side sills just to the rear of the front wheels and just to the front of the rear wheels.
Engage the head of the jack with the jacking point and turn the jack handle clockwise until the wheel is raised clear of the ground. Unscrew the wheel bolts and remove the wheel.
Fit the spare wheel and screw on the bolts. Lightly tighten the bolts with the wheelbrace. Lower the vehicle to the ground and fully tighten the wheel bolts in a diagonal sequence. Refit the wheel bolt covers or wheel trim, as applicable.