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Air filter change Volvo S80 1998 - 2007 Diesel 2.4D

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Volvo S80 1998 - 2007  | 2.4D Air filter change

  • time 15 minutes
  • difficulty 3

D5244 T to T3 engines

1 Disconnect the mass airflow meter wiring plug – located in the air filter outlet (see illustration) .
Disconnect the mass airflow meter wiring plug
2 Slacken the retaining clamp, and disconnect the outlet hose from the mass airflow meter (see illustration) .
Slacken the air filter outlet hose clamp
3 Release the clips at the front edge, lift the cover upwards, and remove the air filter element (see illustrations) .
Release the clips . . .
. . . lift up the air filter cover . . .
. . . and remove the filter element
4 Wipe clean inside the housing and cover with a cloth. Be careful not to sweep debris into the air inlet.
5 Fit the new element, making sure it is the right way up. Press the seal on the rim of the element into the groove on the housing.
6 Refit the cover and secure it with the clips. Note that the rear of the cover can be difficult to refit. Take care to endure the three ‘hinges’ locate correctly in the air cleaner housing.
7 Reconnect the outlet hose, tighten the clamp, then reconnect the mass airflow meter wiring plug.

D5244 T4 to T7 engines

8 Lift off the cover from the ECM at the left­-hand side of the engine compartment (see illustration) .
Lift the ECM cover
9 Undo the Torx bolts and lift the air cleaner housing cover (see illustration) .
Undo the Torx screws (arrowed) and lift the air filter cover
10 Lift the air cleaner element from place, noting which way around it’s fitted (see illustration) .
Note which way around the filter element is fitted
11 Fit the new element, refit the cover and tighten the Torx bolts.
12 Refit the cover over the ECM.
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