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Cats Home Alone

Cats Home Alone
Cats Home Alone
Cats Home Alone
Cats Home Alone
Cats Home Alone
Cats Home Alone

Product description

There are around 10 million pet cats in the UK according to the PDSA, and while the majority of these come and go as they please, some owners – concerned about bird numbers, traffic accidents, cat fights and pet theft – decide to keep their animals indoors.

These home alone cats need something to do, and this book helps you create fun activities, sleeping nests and dens to keep your pet stimulated, exercised and happy while you’re out. Cat expert Heike Grotegut explains the basics of cat psychology and gives an insight to how these pets behave when they are alone. She then shows how to make your own cat toys and practical cat furniture to suit your pet’s needs, and organise your home in a way that will be feline friendly.

Packed full of ideas, tips and advice, the projects not only provide lots of fun for you and your cat, they are also incredibly cheap and easy to make.

Author: Heike Grotegut lives in Cologne with her husband, three tom cats and a dog. She studied German language and literature in Paderborn and Cologne and is a trained IT specialist. After several years as a network and systems administrator at one of the Max Planck Institutes in Cologne, she studied animal psychology part-time in Switzerland. A few years ago, she began working as a cat psychologist and in connection with this activity she has been a guest on various media and television broadcasts.

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Heike Grotegut