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Eco Warrior Pocket Manual

Eco Warrior Pocket Manual
Eco Warrior Pocket Manual
Eco Warrior Pocket Manual
Eco Warrior Pocket Manual
Eco Warrior Pocket Manual
Eco Warrior Pocket Manual

Product description

All life on Earth relies on the natural world to survive. We depend on nature for our health, food and most of our medicines. We depend on healthy ecosystems and natural resources for our homes and modern lives. But humans have become greedy.

We are taking a lot more from nature than we need and we are knowingly causing climate change, which is threatening the survival of all life on Earth. For the first time just one species, humans, is have a massive impact on the planet. Many scientists have named this a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene. There are now 7.7 billion of us in this Age of Humans.

But we humans have the knowledge and understanding to stop climate change, live wisely and sustainably in harmony with nature. We have discovered and rediscovered ways of making energy, growing food and technological solutions that will help us share the world’s natural resources and protect global biodiversity. There is enough space, enough water and enough natural resources for all life on Earth to thrive. If we share what we need and share the stories of success, together we will save planet Earth.

That’s exactly what Eco Warriors do… Want to be one?

This book offers concerned young people everything they need to get started…exploring the big issues, discovering amazing and inspiring individuals and campaigns, and finding out how making tiny changes can start to make a big difference.

Author: Catherine Barr is interested in writing nonfiction stories that spark questions and conversation. She is a proud Patron of Reading for a local school, and mother of two teenage girls. Catherine’s first book, The Story of Life, was shortlisted for The English Association Picture Book Award.

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Catherine Barr