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Haynes Shows You How... to dance!

Dance is gaining recognition as a way for everyone to improve and maintain their physical health, as well as a sense of well-being. But most of all... it's fun!

Our Dance Manual gives you a chance to try out some dance styles at home and to find one, or several, that you can enjoy.

The techniques in the videos below offer and easy-to-follow guide full of colour photos and clear instructions to get you started. They take you through simple tasks and sequences, helping you to master the basics and lead you on to more challenging steps.

Tap Dance - Beginner Sequence

Tap Dance - Something Harder

The Waltz - Beginner Sequence

The Waltz - Something Harder

Jazz Dance - Beginner Sequence

Now for Something Harder

American Line Dance - Beginner Sequence, The Electric Slide

American Line Dance - Something Harder

Ballet - Beginner Sequence

Ballet - Something Harder

Belly Dance - Beginner Sequence

Bollywood - Beginner Sequence

Bollywood - Something Harder

Burlesque - Beginner Sequence

Burlesque - Something Harder

Flamenco - Beginner Sequence

Flamenco - Something Harder

Argentine Tango -Beginner Sequence