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The original Haynes Repair Manual - Based on a complete stripdown and rebuild of a vehicle

Honda PF50R Amigo (1974 - 1975)

  • Print edition only!
  • What's Included

    Print on demand books shipped within a week
    Fault Finder - Diagnose 400+ problems
    Take on bigger jobs with Haynes’ help
    Wiring diagrams for key vehicle systems
    700+ pictures & diagrams of your vehicle
    Suitable for novice and pro mechanics
Printed Manual Only
£45.00 £35.00

What's Covered

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Routine Maintenance
Chapter 1: Engine, clutch and reduction gear
Chapter 2: Fuel system and lubrication
Chapter 3: Ignition system
Chapter 4: Frame and forks
Chapter 5: Wheels, brakes and tyres
Chapter 6: Electrical system
Metric conversion tables
Safety first!

What's covered: 

Honda PC50K1 49cc '70-'77
Honda PF50 Graduate 49cc '70-'74
Honda PF50R Amigo 49cc '74-'75
Honda PF50DXR Novio 49cc '75 to '78

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