The Death Star

Imperial Death Star Manual

The Imperial Death Star Manual traces the origins of the Death Star, from its concept through to a top-secret project that began before the foundation of the Empire and drew design inspiration from the Trade Federation’s spherical warships.

The Death’s Star’s onboard systems and controls are explained in detail, and illustrated with an astonishing range of computer-generated artwork, floor plans, cutaways and exploded diagrams, all newly created by artists Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas, the same creative team behind the Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual. Text is by their Falcon colleague Ryder Windham, author of more than 50 Star Wars books.

Covering history, development and prototyping, superstructure, energy and propulsion, weapons and defensive systems, hangar bays, security, service and technical sectors, crew facilities, and also information about Death Star II and its planetary shield generator, this is the most thorough technical guide to the Death Star available.

The Imperial Death Star Manual is fully authorised and approved by Lucasfilm.

Imperial Death Star Manual ISBN: 9780857333728
Book No: H5372
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