Zombie Survival Manual
The complete guide to surviving a zombie attack

By Sean T Page

In a recent international survey, more than 63% of people believed that within the next decade the world would be facing a zombie apocalypse – when the shuffling dead emerge in such numbers that our civilisation is simply overwhelmed.

However, all is not lost. The Zombie Survival Manual will take you through everything you need to know to stay alive when the rest of the world is being feasted upon. From what a zombie is and where they come from, to how to kill them and develop your own survival plan, it’s all in this volume, which will become a well-used guide as you prepare to face the walking dead. Read more...

  • What is a zombie – definitions & key features.
  • The science of zombiology – the facts for survivalists.
  • The zombie apocalypse – what is it, when will it happen & why?
  • Zombies in history – a timeline for survivalists.
  • Becoming a zombie survivalist – training the body & mind.
  • Home defence – securing the home & a 90-day survival plan.
  • Out & about in zombie town – movement, foraging & transport.
  • Surviving a post-apocalyptic world – communities & armed forces.

Zombie Survival Manual cover
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