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5 things you'd only know about the Land Rover Freelander by taking it apart

Here at Haynes, we earn our bread and butter by getting down and dirty with every car possible. We pull out the spanners, we fire up the air tools and we arm ourselves with the screwdrivers.

This is, of course, par for the course when it comes to putting our world-famous manuals together. However, while we’re elbows deep in mechanicals, we also pick up some handy tips that we can pass on to you.

That’s what we’re doing here, with the Land Rover Freelander. If you have one, you’ll need these insights we learned when taking it apart and putting it back together again to ensure your spannering time is spent wisely. 

01 Pollen Filter

It’s a job nobody likes doing, given you have to put your hands deep into places where hands don’t usually fit. Imagine then, if you wrestled with the filter only to realise you’ve put it in the wrong way. Avoid this by ensuring the arrows on the edge of the filter point rearwards. 

02 Timing

Changing the timing belt? You’ll need to lock the crank and exhaust cam in the top dead centre position. You can buy a costly too, or you can simply use 8mm drill bits as dowels to hold everything in place.

03 Fuel level

A common fault on the Freelander is a failing fuel gauge. There’s no quick fix here, so is you need to access the fuel pump or level sensor, just commit to removing the tank. 

04 Bulbs

Need to change the headlight, sidelight or indicator bulbs? You’re going to need to remove the headlight to do this.

05 Air bag

If you need to remove the air-bag on your Freelander, you may think you need to use the special Land Rover tool. This isn’t the case, as a 2.5mm diameter length of wire should be able to get under it with ease.