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Air filter change Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2002 - 2010 | Haynes Manuals


Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2002 - 2010
5 to 45 minutes

In-line engines

1 Undo the fasteners and remove the plastic cover from the top of the engine (see illustration) .
Undo the screws and remove the covers
2 Release the retaining clips and remove the air filter cover (see illustration) .
Air filter cover clips
3 Lift the filter element at the rear, and manoeuvre it from the housing.
4 Clear any debris from the filter housing.
5 Locate the new filter element into the housing, noting how the lug on the filter engages with the notch in the housing (see illustrations) .
Fit the new element into the housing...
...ensuring the lug engages with the notch
6 Remove the cover to the top of the engine.

V6 engines

7 Pull the plastic cover on the top of the engine upwards to release it from the rubber mountings (see illustration) .
Pull the cover up from the rubber mountings
8 Disconnect the wiring plug from the air pressure sensor on the left-hand air filter housing (see illustration) .
Disconnect the air pressure sensor wiring plug
9 Remove the air intake ducts upstream of the air filter housings (see illustration) .
Unclip the air intake duct each side
10 Disconnect the mass airflow sensors, release the clamps securing the air duct downstream of the air filter housings (see illustration) .
Release the clamps securing the downstream air duct
11 Undo the 2 bolts securing each air filter housing to the cylinder head covers (see illustration) .
Each air filter housing is secured by a bolt at the front and rear
12 Pull the air filter housing upwards from its mountings, detaching it from the air outlet duct as it's withdrawn (see illustration) .
Note the locating lugs at the base of the housings
13 Undo the 4 retaining bolts, and separate the two halves of the filter housing (see illustration) .
Undo the screws, separate the housing halves...
14 Remove the filter element from the housing, noting its fitted orientation (see illustration) .
...and lift out the filter element
15 Clear any debris from the filter housing.
16 Insert the new elements into the housings, assemble the two halves, and tighten the retaining bolts securely.
17 Refit the air filter housings using a reversal of the removal procedure.

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