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Air filter change Mercedes-Benz R-Class 2006 - 2013 | Haynes Manuals

Mercedes-Benz R-Class 2006-2013 Image

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

2006 - 2013
35 minutes
Air filter location - note, there are two air filters to inspect
First, you need to remove this top moulding to gain access
Carefully undo the four 13mm retaining bolts
Now remove the rubber sealing strip
Next locate the single E9 Torx bolt, shown here
Now remove the E9 retaining bolt
Next, carefully remove the moulding
You are now ready to remove the engine cover
Using both hands pop off the engine cover. Place carefully away from the engine bay
Here is the location of the left hand air filter
The right hand filter is located here
Remove the oil filler cap
Now you can remove the oil filler collar
Using a screwdriver unscrew the retaining central clamp on the air manifold
Unscrew the retaining clamp on the right hand air filter
Unscrew the retaining clamp on the left hand air filter
Release the MAF sensor plugs on each side of the air manifold. Now you can remove the manifold from the engine bay
Starting with the left-hand air filter, undo the two retaining bolts
Here is the second retaining bolt
Now lift away the air filter body
Unscrew the four retaining Torx-25 screws on the air filter body
Separate the the air filter body to access the air filter
Air filter in position
Clean the top section of the air filter body if required
Remove the air filter and dispose of correctly. Check the air filter body for dust or debris, clean if required. Now replace the left hand filter and reassemble. Follow a similar procedure with the right hand filter

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