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Best Overall Repair Job with Haynes 2020

Haynes Repair Show

The winner of Best Overall Repair Job with Haynes for 2020 is Scott Bellows.

He said: "My current project is an 84 Camaro Z28, that I’m cloning into an IROC Z. I pulled the engine out over the winter and resealed it (bad head gasket). I used your manual for the head torque sequence and settings. I also used it to find out how to remove the instrument panel to replace burnt-out bulbs. I use it for everything!! I have a stack of your manuals in my garage for just about every car I’ve owned in the recent past!"

Scott wins a £200 Amazon gift card.

Runners-up were: Brian Schmidt with a Suzuki Sidekick, Joseph Stanton and Hartley Brewer.

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