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Can’t see the wood for the trees? You need our new manual

shinrin yoku forest bathing haynes

If ever there was a year in which we needed help to keep calm and carry on, 2020 is it. Coronavirus has turned all of our lives upside down and stress levels are through the roof. So Haynes' latest Concise Manual, Forest Bathing, couldn't have arrived at a better time.

At times of stress, getting out into the natural environment works wonders: it is widely acknowledged to have a calming effect on us both physically and mentally. In Japan, they have a special term for this: shinrin yoku, ‘forest bathing’.

In this book, Sarah Devos and Katriina Kilpi – true forest fanatics – explain just what forest bathing involves. They provide specific advice on how to approach the concept: exactly where you should be, the best times to choose, all the things you can expect to experience, and so on. All this plus easily achieved hands-on assignments, space in which to note down your observations, and tips on how to integrate the forest even more deeply into your everyday life.

Co-author Sarah Devos is the inspirational force behind the blog ‘Forest Day' and is also the author of The Forest Book and The Sea Book. She works as a freelance writer and in 2019 became Chief Adventure Officer for A.S. Adventure.

Co-author Katriina Kilpi is the founder of NatureMinded, a research and consultancy bureau that investigates the positive links between nature and health, while teaching people how to interact with nature to draw on its beneficial effects for our health and psyche. She is also the driving force behind the International Forest Therapy Days programme in Finland.

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