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Celebrate World Space Week 2020 with 50% off Haynes’ space manuals!

Celebrate World Space Week with Haynes’ space manuals!

World Space Week is the largest public space event on Earth, with more than 4,000 events taking place in 82 countries through 10 October.

Here in the UK there are quite a few events planned across the country, from experiencing zero gravity to meeting astronauts. You can find the full list of events here.

The theme for this year is ‘Satellites Improve Life’, which encourages students and the public to learn about satellites and the many ways they improve life on Earth.

Here at Haynes we’re also passionate about space. From the incredible developments in technology to the fascinating finds and discoveries about our universe, our range of space manuals - all written by experts in their field - are some of our favourite titles that we publish.

In the infographic below you can see some of our favourites.

Celebrate World Space Week with Haynes’ space manuals!