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Haynes Explains the British, French, Germans, American, Christmas and much, much more

Haynes Explains the British, French, Germans, American, Christmas and much, much more

Following the success of our four original Haynes Explains manuals, we've added eight new titles to the mix, once again written by international best-selling author Boris Starling.

The pocket-sized parodies are based on everything from The French to Christmas, each containing theme-based mechanical flowcharts and diagrams, keeping with the structure of a conventional Haynes manual. 

The books’ retail at £6.99 each, all filled with tongue-in-cheek humour, and sarcastically brilliant information, making them an easy read, and perfect Christmas stocking filler!

For those animal lovers out there, Pets takes you along the all so familiar journey that owning an animal involves; from cats to reptiles, the book enlightens you to terms such as ‘Cataclysm’ and gives you an insight into our favourite canine friends, Lassie and Toto. From ‘Should you get a Snake’ flow diagrams, to ‘So you think you’re a Cat Lady’ checklists, this book is a must have for all animal lovers.

Meanwhile if you’re considering a trip across the channel, The French will help you understand the rather noticeable differences between our two countries, excluding the language; areas such as ‘road manners’ (or lack of!) are covered, along with some French background in the ‘Model history’ section. The ‘How the French see the British’ page may be particularly useful if you’re planning to venture across the pond! 

Similar to The French, The Germans features chapters useful for those of us not acquainted in the German culture. ‘Added extras’ informs us of certain personality traits which Germans exhibit, that take a little getting used to, for example stubbornness and bluntness; however the book gives us some tips on how to deal with these qualities, such as a ‘Will the German laugh’ flowchart, and ‘Lost in translation’ warnings. 

Next up, The Americans. An analysis of all things American, this book takes you on a journey from American slang in ‘Language Selection’ to the activities our US friends use to let loose in ‘Recreational Vehicle’; throwing the reader into the lifestyle of a true American. 

Enough of poking fun at other countries, we finally have The British. ‘Model behaviour’ points out the classic British-isms that we all do, but don’t generally acknowledge such as, apologising for anything and everything, even if an apology is not appropriate, and the classic British reply to ‘How are you?’ of ‘Not bad’, no matter what mood or situation we’re in.

Whether you love or hate Christmas, The Christmas title is for you. From Headlights and sidelights to in-car entertainment, Christmas takes you through the many stages of the seasonal period and the quandary’s they bring. The ‘Recreational Car’ page informs the reader, via equation, of the optimum time to play classic Christmas games with the family, before disaster strikes, whilst the ‘perpetual motion’ section gives you an accurate representation of how turkey cooking generally ends up each year, and an example of how not to do it; Making this book an essential for this Christmas period, for the good of the family.

For all of you sporting enthusiasts out there, Football gives a comedic insight to the sport, and is a book you will be able to relate to closely. If you don’t see yourself as a fan, or you’ve just never fully understood the activity, Football will set you straight on everything from player formation in the ‘Model range’ segment, to understanding the referee in the ‘Warning lights’ page.

Finally, The Home is the perfect gift for everyone, whether living in shabby student accommodation or a luxury penthouse suite. Chapters include ‘The car next-door’ which introduces us to the many types of difficult neighbour that we’re all so familiar with, Whilst ‘4x4 or City car’ takes you through the pros and cons of urban vs. rural living, for those who have yet to decide on a forever home.

Commenting on his work on the Haynes Explains range, Author, Screenwriter and Journalist Boris Starling said, “Working on this kind of project again with Haynes has been great fun. From babies to pets, the British to the Americans, and on into home life, it’s been brilliant to create a range of tongue-in-cheek titles and poke a little fun at a vast range of subjects- whether laughing at ourselves, or our European and American friends along the way.”

The Haynes Explains manuals are on sale now for £6.99, from all good bookshops and online, including