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Haynes’ latest manual is on course to be a hit at uni!

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when uni starts

Leaving home for university is a rite of passage for many young men and women. It's one of the most exciting – and daunting – of life's experiences, and Haynes’ latest Concise manual offers a helping hand for those trying to find their way through uni life.

Student offers a complete guide on how to manage, thrive and enjoy the transition from home to halls, from start to finish. Author James Thornhill takes the new student through every detail of each stage, from choosing a course to finding accommodation, and offers reassuring advice on every practical, emotional and financial process from the first few months right up to graduation and beyond. It's the perfect going-away gift.

Highlights include:

Money: student loans, bank accounts, budgeting, hardship funds and money-making ideas.
Housing: maintenance tips, stories of renting nightmares, insurance information and how to keep housing deposits safe.
Health: simple recipes, ways to stay in shape, sex issues, stress busters, alcohol and drugs advice.
Relationships: new friends, how to keep a long-distance relationship going, and keeping in touch with family.
Study: what lecturers want, dissertation and essay tips, how to find resources, how to avoid plagiarism, postgraduate options.
Careers: work experience, job hunting, producing an eye-catching CV and preparing for interviews.

Author James Thornhill has 20 years’ experience in the youth media market as founder and Editor-in-Chief of The National Student, the UK’s first national publication for higher education students and Head of Communications at a youth marketing agency. Going freelance in 2017, James now works as a media and marketing consultant and culture journalist for many publications.