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How to shave your moustache and beard

How to shave your moustache and beard

As 'Movemeber' once again comes to an end, it's that liberating moment when you can finally shave that moustache off your face for another year. As ever, Haynes Manuals is here to assist. This quick shaving tutorial comes from our new Modern Man Manual

Once your face is prepared – hair softened, cream applied – you are ready. Shave in the direction in which your hair grows – usually, downwards. 

Some parts of the face may feature hairs growing in several directions at once. Run your hand over your face before you start and feel where the hairs are pointing. 

Over time you will learn an order and direction that works for you – start with trying to go with (not against) the grain as much as possible. 

Against-the-grain shaving has its fans, since it gets you closer – but skin may be more irritated/nicked, so it is not for the sensitive. Cover your face in soap/foam and leave for 1–2 minutes to soften. 

Our quick video tutorial below shows you how to do it step-by-step. Or you can read our more details steps below.

Step 1

Hold the razor at an angle of 30 degrees. There is no right order, but it may help to begin at the sideburns, starting from the top and moving down to the jaw line. 

Step 2

As you shave, rinse the razor regularly – under the tap or in a glass of warm water. After the sideburns are done, move to the moustache.

Step 3

Again going with the direction of growth, shave all the moustache area, usually downwards but sometimes outwards horizontally. 

Now move to the cheeks, moving from the outside of your face inwards, and again with the direction of growth. You can pull the skin tight in problem areas to help, but don’t be tempted to lean on the blade – maintain light pressure throughout. 

Step 4

Once the face is finished move on to the chin, chin hairs are often the most tough, so it makes sense to leave these to soften under the cream for the longest. 

Move downwards over the chin line and down the neck. Right beneath the jawline can be a problem area because it is contoured, if so try pulling the skin on your cheek upwards so the skin that is right beneath the jawline moves up and is easier to access.

Step 5

Finish underneath the chin with a mixture of downward and upward strokes. You don’t have to get a perfect shave first time – feel free to come back for any difficult bits. 

Running your hand over your face will help you locate any remaining bristles. Stubborn areas may require you to go against or across the grain. Apply more cream if you need to. Finish with a few cold splashes of water, then pat your face dry with a clean towel. Follow with a moisturiser or shaving balm.