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New Haynes Manuals now on sale!

New manuals from Haynes

Haynes’ latest Practical Lifestyle Manuals cover a broad range of topics and make fantastic gift ideas for all of the family.

You'll find free-to-download extracts of some of the manuals shown below here.

Christmas gift idea kids

Mythical Beasts Pocket Manual

Ever heard of a Questing Beast? How about a Bunyip? This latest addition to Haynes’ Pocket Manual series is a fascinating book full of legendary monsters and mythical creatures, packed with tall tales and great deeds. Each beast comes with colour illustrations and line drawings, together with pull-out features detailing their symbolism, statistics and most famous fables.

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Mythical Beasts includes dragons, giants, mermaids and werewolves, as well as astounding and unique beasts such as the Minotaur and Pegasus from Ancient Greece, and Jormundgandr the world serpent of Norse legend. Covering 28 creatures in detail, the text also discusses where the inspiration for these fabulous beasts came from, and why they are still so popular today.

Coal mine book Haynes

Coal Mine

At its peak in 1920, 1.1 million people were employed in the coal-mining industry, with more than 1,300 mines across Britain producing nearly 300 million tonnes of coal for domestic and industrial use. Mining was, and remains, a dirty, dangerous and complex engineering task, extracting a raw material at depths of up to 1,400m below the surface, the shafts spreading out for further miles beneath town and country.

Coal Mine from Haynes explains the evolution of British coal mining from a technical and engineering standpoint from the 18th to the 20th century, the heyday of British mining.

From simple bell-pit mining the book goes on to explain in detail the fundamental methods of surface and underground mining, including ‘pillar-and-stall’ workings, longwall mining and deep mining, and the technologies from made these possible, from simply hand picks and shovels through steam-powered underground haulage systems and modern computerised shearer-loader machines.

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Eco warrior book Haynes

Eco Warrior Pocket Manual

This book offers concerned young people everything they need to get started on looking after our planet… exploring the big issues, discovering amazing and inspiring individuals and campaigns, and finding out how making tiny changes can start to make a big difference.

We humans have the knowledge and understanding to stop climate change, live wisely and sustainably in harmony with nature. We have discovered and rediscovered ways of making energy, growing food and technological solutions that will help us share the world’s natural resources and protect global biodiversity.

There is enough space, enough water and enough natural resources for all life on Earth to thrive. If we share what we need and share the stories of success, together we will save planet Earth.

It's packed with help, information and advice for eco warriors of all ages.

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Mayflower book haynes


Are you a history buff who'd appreciate a book that's been published to mark the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower in 1620 and the establishment of the first colony at Plymouth, Massachusetts?

The Haynes Mayflower Manual tells the story of how the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth in Devon to America, seeking to establish a fresh life in the New World free from religious persecution.

After a gruelling 66-day journey across the Atlantic the ship and its 102 passengers landed at Cape Cod. In the harsh winter that followed roughly half their number died of disease and malnutrition. The group finally decided on a site in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where they built their colony. From these challenging beginnings Plymouth became the birthplace of modern America.

The Haynes Mayflower Manual looks at the first colonies and the first settlers in America; the story of the ‘lost colony’ on Roanoke Island, North Carolina; what made the Pilgrim Fathers travel to the New World; the historic voyage of the Mayflower; how seafarers crossed the oceans in the 17th century; early settler life in New England; the inspiring story of the replica Mayflower II in 1957 and its recent renovation for the 400th anniversary celebrations in September 2020.

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Football stars book haynes

Football Stars Pocket Manual

Neymar, Harry Kane, Ronaldo, Megan Rapinoe, Fernandinho… these are just a few of the famous footie stars you'll find in this brilliant new Pocket Manual from Haynes.

Football Stars gathers together 50 of the world’s top players into a handy book. It also includes a section featuring 30 of the world’s rising stars, and at the end there is a section where you can build your own fantasy team. Packed with great photos of all the players, lively commentary, and all the essential facts and figures, this is one book no young football fan should be without at Christmas or any other time of the year.

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Modern man book haynes

Modern Man Manual

Essential reading for the grown-up guy, this is a guide for and about the modern man. It's suitable for the young chap flying the family nest, the recent graduate moving on or the newly single older man rediscovering bachelorhood. It contains simple, easy to follow advice on managing the pressures of the modern world with style, because adult life doesn’t come with instructions.

Containing advice, hints and instructions on managing his home, health, looks and relationships this book will empower him with life skills that are good for his stress levels, self-esteem and social success, and will give him an aura of competence that is highly likely to attract a mate.

Learn some basic recipes, how to pack a suitcase, what to wear to a wedding, how to hang a picture and how to mix the best mojito. Develop a dress style that suits him and the occasion, keep fit, clean and sweet-smelling, manage his money, and work out when to initiate a man hug.

Whether he is at a job interview, sitting at a poker table, buying a suit, getting ready for a blind date, or about to roast his first chicken, this book will talk him through every stage and ensure a successful outcome.

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bluffer's guide to rock book haynes

Bluffer’s Guide to Rock

The Bluffer’s Guide to Rock will tell musical ingenues what to say, what not to say, and how to hold their own in any conversation about seven decades of the so-called rock ‘canon’.

It will give readers the tools to impress legions of marvelling listeners with their penetrating knowledge of the genre without anyone discovering that, until they read it, they didn’t know the difference between ‘Limp Bizkit’ and a chronic case of erectile dysfunction. Yes, really.

RRP: £7.99 - get it here