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The Vinyl Manual puts a new spin on playing, collecting and recording music

The Vinyl Manual puts a new spin on playing, collecting and recording music

With grocery giant Sainsbury’s launching its own record label, it’s fair to say the vinyl revival is finally fully mainstream. But which turntable is right for you? How do you get the best from your records? How should you look after your record collection? And how exactly does vinyl work, anyway?

The Haynes Vinyl Manual provides the answers to all your burning vinyl-related questions and more.

Co-authored by vinyl hoarders Matt Anniss and Patrick Fuller, our new manual is the essential companion to your growing record collection and is packed with expert insight and step-by-step guides that will satisfy experienced collectors and novices alike.

Matt, who has spent the last two decades writing about music and DJ culture says, ““For those passionate about music, there is no finer medium than vinyl. The ‘Vinyl Revival’ is very real and although it was always kept alive by DJs and dedicated collectors, the upsurge in sales has shown that it has a timeless appeal for both young and old music lovers.”

Former journalist and editor Patrick, adds: “I grew up under the bonnet of old cars with a Haynes manual propped against the bulkhead, and have loved every minute of applying that wonderful enthusiasm to vinyl. We hope this labour of love provides inspiration to anyone who has rediscovered the magic of their record collection.”

Highlights of the Vinyl Manual include:

  • How a vinyl record is made, from the recording studio to the record shop.
  • Record collecting – what to look for, where find rarities and how to care for your investment.
  • A-Z of the world’s best-selling singles, EPs and albums.
  • Insight from famous vinyl enthusiasts, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Gilles Peterson and Bill Brewster.

There’s plenty of practical instruction on offer too – this is a Haynes Manual after all! Not only will you discover how to choose and set up your record player, amp and speakers, we show you how to take your first steps in DJing, with tips for honing your mixing, beat matching and scratching techniques.

The Vinyl Manual is out now – here's a sample to get you into the groove…