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VW Tiguan Mk2 common problems (2016-)

VW Tiguan Mk2

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Prevention is better than cure, so we’ll be able to help you diagnose the source of that strange rattling noise in your VW Tiguan Mk2, and we can show you how to fix it quickly and cheaply.

Tiguan Mk2 problems include a creaking noise from the steering wheel, engine judders and a clicking noise from the front wheels. All of these will undeniably prove irritating, but they’re also easily fixable with the help of Haynes.

VW Tiguan Mk2

What recalls has the VW Tiguan Mk2 been subject to?

Unfortunately, the VW Tiguan Mk2 has suffered more than its fair share of recalls. One of the most serious concerned the rear suspension coil springs, which were the wrong specification, and which could break without warning.

A number of vehicles were also recalled because only two bolts had been installed in the driver’s seat rail, where four were required. Another recall was brought about by a fuel tank that had walls that were too thin. Replacement was the only option.

A poorly welded brake pedal caused another recall, as did brake discs that were too thin. And then the car was recalled because the seatbelt pretensioners and airbags may not perform as expected in a crash.

What common problems does the VW Tiguan Mk2 have?

Some examples of the VW Tiguan Mk2 have suffered from whistling and hissing noises from the engine bay, while the smell of fuel in the cabin has also caused a few problems.

The 2.0-litre TDI engine has been known to suffer an oil leak, usually from around the oil filter area.

Some examples of the Tiguan have suffered squeaking front suspension, as well as an air-conditioning system that fails to perform properly on occasion.

And the front and rear parking sensors have also been known to fail.

However, the good news is that these issues are all comparatively easy to repair when you have the Haynes Tiguan Mk2 Autofix.

VW Tiguan Mk2

Does the VW Tiguan Mk2 have exhaust problems?

It isn’t unknown for the Mk2 Volkswagen Tiguan to be afflicted by whistling and hissing noises emanating from under the bonnet when the car is accelerating.

The problem lies with a faulty exhaust manifold seal.

Repair involves removing the turbocharger and exhaust manifold, and replacing the seal. Now, while this sound complex, it isn’t anything that a home mechanic should be fazed by. Besides, along the way you can refer to the Haynes Tiguan Mk2 Autofix.

VW Tiguan Mk2

Does the VW Tiguan Mk2 have oil leak problems?

There have been reports of the Mk2 Tiguan suffering from the odd oil leak from the engine bay.

The source of this leak is known to be a faulty cover for the oil filter, which is easy to replace. You need only remove the filter cover and fit a new one, but you must also make sure you check and top up the oil level as necessary.

This is a simple enough task that is covered by the Haynes Tiguan Mk2 Autofix.

VW Tiguan Mk2

Does the VW Tiguan Mk2 have suspension squeaking problems?

Squeaks are annoying, mainly because they tend to manifest themselves whenever the car is moving, and therefore vibrating. And a suspension squeak is laways going to be annoying, because everyone else can hear it as well as you. So, it’s unfortunate that the Mk2 Tiguan suffers such a squeak, which is caused by poorly lubricated bushes in the front control arms.

To fix it, you need to remove the control arms and apply grease to the bushes, which is a task the Haynes Tiguan Mk2 Autofix will be able to help you with.

VW Tiguan Mk2

Does the VW Tiguan Mk2 have steering wheel problems?

If a squeak isn’t bad enough, a grinding noise from the steering wheel is arguably worse, because you move the wheel all the time.

In this case, the fault lies with unlubricated steering wheel springs.

It’s an easy fix. Simply remove the driver’s airbag and lubricate the springs, which is a task covered by your Haynes Tiguan Mk2 Autofix.

Does the VW Tiguan Mk2 have air-conditioning problems?

If the air-conditioning system in your Volkswagen Tiguan Mk2 becomes inefficient and unable to keep the cabin as cool as you’d like, then it’s time to plug in a fault code reader into the OBD socket. If you see fault code B10AB, then the problem is that the refrigerant pressure is below the lower limit, which means there isn’t enough in the system.

The cause is likely either a leak, which you can find using leak-detector spray, or a faulty air-con charging valve, which will need to be renewed.

The Haynes Tiguan Mk2 Autofix will provide vital assistance for this task.

VW Tiguan Mk2

Does the VW Tiguan Mk2 have parking sensor problems?

By the very nature of a parking-sensor fault, you’re only going to discover it right when you need it most.

Still, if you manage to avoid bumping into something during your parking manoeuvre, you’re going to have to repair the system afterward. So, start off by plugging in a fault code reader to the OBD socket. The fault lies within the wiring loom, and one of these codes will indicate which sensor is suffering the issue: B1076, B107E, B10F6, B10F7, B10F8, B10F9, B1077, B1078, B1079, B107A, B107D, B10FA, B10FB, B1150, B1151, B1152, B1153, B1377. 

The solution is to remove the relevant bumper and inspect the wiring behind it, repairing the affected circuit.

The Haynes Tiguan Mk2 Autofix will provide vital assistance for this task.