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Your repairs
Haynes reader Ben Walsh is setting out to restore his 1989 Suzuki Supercarry
Headlight bulbs
Are aftermarket headlight bulbs worth the money? What does UK law say about fitting HID and LED bulbs to cars with H4 and H7 bulbs? Resident Haynes expert Martynn Randall explains.
Edd China YouTube
How do you get rid of rust? Should you take a gamble on an old luxury Merc? And how do you make a written-off superbike road-legal again? These YouTubers have the answers.
Volvo V70 door handle repair
Nigel’s Volvo might be a trusty old thing, but age isn't kind to plastics and one of his door handles has snapped. So, with V70 Haynes Manual to hand, he sets about repairing it.