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Trees Manual

Trees Manual
Trees Manual
Trees Manual
Trees Manual
Trees Manual
Trees Manual

Product description

The Haynes Tree Manual is a comprehensive guide to selecting and maintaining trees and will focus on finding the right tree for the right place. One of the USPs in the manual is being able to explain and quantify some of the many (around 33) tree benefits that are applicable to homeowners. For example – a tree planted in the right position can reduce your heating bill and some trees can also increase recovery time from illness.

There are many other practicalities and issues around trees such as subsidence, heave and proximity to powerlines, but also a lot of urban myths and misconceptions around these concerns too.

The Tree Manual will show readers how trees 'work', including the huge advances in the science over the last 20 years, what they need to survive and thrive in our increasing urban environments and how to use trees (as a biotechnology) to improve our immediate and wider environment.

Kenton Rogers has worked for the Duke of Wellington's estate as assistant forester and is a Trustee for the International Tree Foundation. He co-founded Treeconomics, a social enterprise with a mission to highlight the benefits of trees and has also completed a Masters in Forest Ecosystem Management. He is a Chartered Forester and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Tony Kirkham started at Kew as a Diploma student where he gained the Kew diploma at honours. In 1981 he was appointed manager of the North Arboretum from where he progressed to become Head of the Arboretum and Horticultural Services. Tony is best known for his appearances in the BBC series 'A Year at Kew' and 'The Trees That Made Britain’.

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Kenton Rogers and Tony Kirkham