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About Haynes

Haynes Manuals…You can work on your vehicle. Let Haynes show you how!

The legacy began when John Haynes OBE wrote and published his first book while still at school in 1956, a book about building an Austin 7 Special. He wrote two more ‘special builders’ manuals while doing his National Service in the RAF. The first ‘proper’ Haynes Manual, for the Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite, was published in 1965. Based on the teardown and rebuild of that project vehicle and with extensive use of step-by-step photographs--a process that has not changed to this day--this manual set the standard for many generations of manuals to follow.

John Haynes and Jamie with the restored Mustang

Today as the worldwide leader in automotive and powersports equipment repair, maintenance and customization manuals, with over 150 million sold to date globally, Haynes Manuals are a must read for all vehicle and equipment owners. Haynes Manuals are the ultimate DIY guide books for used, collector, and newer model vehicles and powersports equipment. As one of the most widely read automotive books in the world, Haynes Manuals span the motoring industry from Acura to Volvo, from BMW to Yamaha. When one includes the other two brands in the Haynes Manuals family – Clymer and Chilton – Haynes Manuals provides coverage that extends to cars/trucks/SUVs, motorcycles and scooters, ATVs and SxS, marine engines, snowmobiles, personal watercraft (PWC), tractors and even outdoor power equipment such as generators, tillers, mowers, and more. And our manuals are available in both print and online editions under the Haynes and Clymer brands. You get the choice and convenience of picking the edition that best suits your needs and preferences.

What sets Haynes (and Clymer, and Chilton) Manuals apart is the attention to detail that goes into the production of each manual. Every manual is written from thorough hands-on experience based on a complete teardown, which is the step-by-step procedure for dismantling a vehicle or piece of equipment part-by-part. This is followed by the detailed rebuilding of the vehicle. Writing each manual takes 30 man-weeks, with authors working as teams to shorten the production time and to avoid fatigue during the difficult process. Hundreds of photographs accompany each manual’s step-by-step instructions. For online editions of the manuals, many videos are also captured of key procedures.

The manuals are written from the actual experience of Haynes’ own expert technical personnel using only a basic set of tools. Manual information is presented in a style that any DIYer can follow, even a beginner. By using a Haynes, Clymer or Chilton Manual, DIYers can save both time and money, and feel proud of the job they personally did without having to rely on expensive tools or additional outside expertise.

We still tear down a vehicle for every manual we make

With over 2,000 teardowns completed, Haynes now offers over 600 manuals in the U.S.  There is an extensive selection of auto repair books, written in both English and Spanish, and over 225 motorcycle/scooter and ATV/SxS repair books. Our manuals can be found in all the top auto parts retailers and online at, and . You can work on your vehicle....Let Haynes show you how!

Haynes Publishing was founded in 1960. The main office is located in Somerset, England. The Haynes Manuals team is headquartered in Newbury Park, CA and is part of Haynes North America, Inc., which also publishes Chilton Repair Manuals in print and Clymer Repair Manuals in both print and online editions.